A Better Email Experience
Is Coming!
We're moving from Communigate to SCMAIL powered by Zimbra
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Things Will Be Different
Learn What's Ahead!
Email settings need to be changed
on your desktop & mobile devices.
Your inbox will have a new look
(as pictured to the left).
Your email address and password
won't be changing!
Your emails, attachments, and
contacts will be migrated.
You can still access your email
from mail.bluevalley.net.
You have stuff to do
And We Need Your Action!
why and when
You may need to change the settings of whatever mail client you are using! Click the "IMAP & POP Settings link, below for full email client setting information.
Why is Blue Valley Tele-Communications making changes to their EMAIL?
We are always looking for improvements that will provide our customers a more robust email experience. We believe that this change, with an updated webmail interface, 10GB storage allowance, and enhanced spam filtering will provide you the excellent email experience that you want! It will also add a secure online calendar, shared web storage, and many other tools to your existing email account.
When will Blue Valley Tele-Communications EMAIL become live?
April 3rd, 2017. The transition will be coming within a months time. You can update your settings now, to help avoid any interruption in your email service.
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Austin Spaeth
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Why is this change happening?
We wish to provide you with a current and robust email platform that will serve your needs into the future.
When is the migration happening?
April 3rd, 2017, though you can make any necessary settings changes at any time.
How much storage will my new inbox have?
10GB of storage.
Are there any daily sending limits, similar to what Gmail had?
No, there are no limits.
What is the largest email message that I can send?
Maximum sending/receiving message size is ~100 megabytes, however it is highly recommended that no message be sent larger than 1 or 2 megabytes to avoid creating problems with the recipient’s mailbox or reading the message on a limited capacity device such as a smartphone. Services such as Dropbox are much better suited for file transfers.
How is my email going to be filtered for spam?
Blue Valley Tele-Communications will be using the latest spam/phishing/virus scanning appliance offered by EdgeWave. You will receive daily digests with quarantined messages, and will be able to fully customize your spam filtering experience.
Will my email address change?
No, your current email address with Blue Valley Tele-Communications will remain the same.
Will I lose any of my emails?
No, you won't lose any of your sent or recieved emails.
Will I lose any of my contacts?
No. All contact information will be transferred into your new Zimbra webmail contacts.
I don’t use a Blue Valley Tele-Communications email address, do I need to do anything?
If you are not using your @bluevalley.net email address then these changes will not affect you.
I have a forward set up on my @bluevalley.net account, will this get migrated?
No. We are unable to pull forwarding data from the old servers, so any forward currently in place will need to be re-created after the migration. This can be done from within the Zimbra web interface.
Choose your email client:
Incoming (IMAP)

Server: mail.bluevalley.net
Port: 993
SSL: Yes
Username: Your @bluevalley.net email address
Incoming (POP)

Server: mail.bluevalley.net
Port: 995
SSL: Yes
Username: Your @bluevalley.net email address
Outgoing (SMTP)

Server: mail.bluevalley.net
Port: 587
SSL: SSL or StartTLS Required
Authentication: Outgoing Authentication Enabled