Open Windows Mail.
At the bottom-left of your mail window you should see a "Gear" icon, which will open the program's Settings pane.
Click the "Manage Accounts" link, at the upper-right of the window.
Select your Email Account from the list on the Right of the Windows Mail screen. A settings window for that account will open.
You will see your username, your password, and account name. Below this is a settings section called Change mailbox sync settings. Click this.
You will now need to scroll down to the bottom of the next window, until you find the "Advanced mailbox settings" button. Click it.
Scroll down until you find the mail server settings. Adjust the existing server name the the appropriate settings (listed to the right).:
  • Example: "Incoming Mail Server:" for an IMAP connection.
  • Example: "Outgoing Mail Server:"
  • CHECK "Outgoing server requires authentication," if not already selected.
  • CHECK "Use the same user name and password for sending email"
  • CHECK "Require SSL for incoming email"
Click Done, at the bottom.
Windows Mail may state that your account needs attention (red lettering, underneath your email account, to the right of the interface. Click your account.
It will ask you to "Fix Account" or "Change settings." Click "Fix Account." You will be asked to re-type your email password.
Type your email password. Click Save, then click "Done."
Incoming (IMAP)
Port: 993
SSL: Yes
Username: Your full email address

Incoming (POP)
Port: 995
SSL: Yes
Username: Your full email address

Outgoing (SMTP)
Port: 587
SSL: Yes
Authentication: Enabled